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Why Use Envsions?

Value Added

Growers and Retailers are now working together more to use our planters as a value-added wedge.
  • Increased dollar value for volume lines.
  • Increased perception of value.
  • Changes a great plant into a great product.
The consumer ends up with two products
  • A plant for the garden.
  • A re-usable decorative planter.

Wide Colour Selection

We have a large colour library and this huge selection can be utilised;
  • To suit a particular Event i.e. Christmas (Red, Black, Gold etc).
  • To suit a corporate colour.
  • To suit a theme or plant/flower colour range.

Grower’s Liners

For some of our lines we have liners that are used for the growing process can be dropped into the planter when ready to despatch.

If this is preferred then planters such as the Gloss finish types;
  • Do not become damaged or dirty in the production process.
  • Are not sitting on the ground for a period of time.
  • Can be ordered for delivery closer to the point of despatch.

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